Mostafa Touny

Mostafa Touny

BSc CS, Software Engineering

MSA Uni | Egypt

Currently: I serve my obligatory military service, and will finish on 25/11/2022. Luckily for me I am totally away from wars, criminals, or anything dangerous.

People’s Perception: People usually think of me as either (1) a programmer who turns dull math/physics into something useful, or (2) a theorist who writes papers of no real-life impact. I exonerate them from such misconception as theoretical computer scientists, are very bad at communicating their fields. You could even see our title is not so poetic like a string theorist or evolutionary biologist.

Why This Blog? I started this blog for communicating my self-study progress, and in hope of establishing collaborative works.

Society & Community: I wholeheartedly support open science movement, and moderate TCS’s subreddit and TCS’s awesome list.

Good Memories:

Non-Serious: If I am not doing any serious work, I would probably be listening to Taylor Davis.